What is Ford MyKey?

November 28th, 2023 by
Ford Dashboard MyKey Menu Options

Staying safe on roads in Mauston and the surrounding areas is naturally a priority. One of the many ways to improve safety is with the Ford MyKey, an innovative feature in many new Ford vehicles. So what is the Ford MyKey feature, and how does it help you and your passengers remain safe on the road? Learn about Ford MyKey today, and contact us if you have any questions!

What is MyKey in Ford Vehicles?

So what is the Ford MyKey feature, exactly? It is a Ford-exclusive safety system that allows you to program your Ford Key in several ways, such as setting a maximum speed before driving on roads in Camp Douglas, Warrens, and the nearby communities. Review what you can and cannot change if you purchase a Ford vehicle with MyKey.

What is Ford MyKey: What You Can Change

Ford MyKey settings include:

  • Enable Features:Ensure essential safety features like Do Not Disturb and 911 Assist cannot be turned off by your teen driver with this setting.
  • Speed Limit: Determine the maximum speed for your teenager. This prevents speeding but allows them to keep up with local speed limits and traffic. If your teen tries to exceed the speed limit, the dashboard produces a warning sound.
  • Audio Volume Limit: Protect your young driver from loud music-related distractions with this setting. As with the speed limit setting, the dashboard emits a warning noise if the driver goes above the maximum limit.

What is Ford MyKey: What You Can’t Change

There are a few features you cannot alter:

  • Seatbelt Reminder: The seatbelt light remains illuminated until every passenger has theirs on. However, the audio system stays mute.
  • Radio Restrictions: If your Ford includes satellite radio, all adult content restrictions remain on.
  • Driver-Assist Features: Ford driver-assist features, such as a Blind Spot Monitor, Backup Camera, and Lane Departure Warning, stay on.
  • Low Fuel Level Warning: This warning activates whenever the fuel level gets too low.

Learn More About Ford MyKey at Morrie's Tomah Ford

Now you know how to answer “What is MyKey in Ford cars, trucks, and SUVs?” Contact us online or at 608-567-6121 today with questions about Ford MyKey or other Ford features. For additional informative reads, review how to use the Ford Remote Start and how to program a Ford Key Fob!


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